Scotiabank Electronic Access Agreement

When it comes to your GIs and investment accounts, including your scotia securities inc. accounts and scotiamcLeod® and Scotia iTRADE®◆ brokerage accounts, which are accessible through digital services, there are a few restrictions. For example, mobile banking has certain display and operating limitations. For certain reasons, we may restrict access to some of your other account options when using your investment accounts. If the customer wishes to disable access to their accounts through Scotia Móvil, they can enter Scotia en Línea and deactivate it themselves or call the Scotiabank Panama Contact Centre at 800-7220 for local calls and (507) 264-2458 for international calls. Available quarterly accounts (electronic or paper statements) by changing the registration option in Scotiabank`s digital banking service (via or Scotiabank Mobile Banking); Mobile banking refers to Scotiabank services that can be accessed through the mobile banking app or through the Internet browser on your mobile device. Because normal electronic transmissions over the Internet may not be secure, you agree to contact us about your account only through Scotiabank Internet`s secure messaging feature or by telephone and not by other e-mail methods. You also agree to receive messages electronically through your account and you will not attempt to circumvent receiving messages. It is assumed that you have received all the e-mail messages that are sent to you when they are made available to you.

It may take up to 10 business days for your consent to the electronic receipt of documents to take effect. If a document is issued by us before your consent takes effect, you can still receive a paper delivery. an electronic message or a message sent to the communication centre of the online or mobile bank (as defined in Appendix A); Any material sent to you electronically as part of this consent is deemed to have been obtained by you when it is published on the designated information system or made available to you via the designated information system, even if for any reason you do not have access to the designated information system. Cause damage to the sites, servers, systems or devices used in the provision of the Digital Services, including those of third parties, and you may not access or attempt to access the User Data or enter into any of the security measures related to the Digital Services. The customer must bear in mind that the services are subject to the normal data transmission charges levied by his internet service provider and mobile operator. There is no contractual relationship or agreement between the bank and the customer`s Internet service provider or mobile or mobile phone company with respect to Scotia Móvil`s services. can be used with or without your authorization information to access the Digital Services. .