Lend Lease Enterprise Agreement

“It`s true that we didn`t do everything we wanted, but overall the agreement is pretty good and it`s pretty clear that the unions are delivering better results,” Bankes said. Currently, some of the Victoria-based company`s telecommunications staff operate under an old agreement that reached its expiry date in 2011. “ODG`s electrical service employees decided not to involve the union in the negotiation, which led to a 6% pay increase over three years, while the union negotiated the infrastructure agreement, which was voted yesterday almost twice as many wage increases of 11% over three years.” “Given that ETU members voted by such a large majority, they made it clear that Downer should take the negotiations seriously and come to the table with a serious and decent offer,” said Fred. Members should exercise the utmost caution in the event of rising temperatures. If you have any questions, please contact your employment manager or the ETU organiser. ETU organizer Steve Bankes said the deal provides a good pay result, especially compared to the O`Dennell Griffin electric service agreement. “Downer tried to put pressure on workers for their service agreement, which has lower pay rates and less favourable terms, but rightly so that ETU members would not have the bar.” In the meantime, the 2016 RDO construction schedule is available online below. “I would like to thank all odG members for being crammed and using their collective strength to reach a new agreement that brings some improvements.” Steve Bankes is done. The agreement provides for a wage increase of 11.5% over six months.

Introduces a flat-rate localization allowance that applies immediately after the agreement is certified, maintains strong protection for trade union delegates and requires Star to source from other EBA companies before considering hiring workers. Yesterday, ETU members of the O`Donnell Griffin electric company voted in favour of a new EBA. Sixty percent voted in favour of the agreement, which makes several improvements, but in terms of safeguarding all members` wishes. The 2016 ETU-Bau-RDO calendar is now available online for members. Delivery of the printed versions will take place in the coming weeks after today`s delivery. “ETU members rejected the company`s proposal for a new agreement, which would result in a wage freeze, cuts in mert, a reduction in allowances, a reduction in apprenticeship rates and reductions on other conditions. Lend Lease now says it wants an agreement that reflects current “industrial standards” with the current Visionstream Field Workforce Agreement as a benchmark. This could mean a loss of conditions for some employees (z.B 36 3/4 hours) and improvements for others, depending on the final outcome of the negotiations.